Mad March Hack Update

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Thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in the Mad March Hack (formerly Hull Uni Hackathon). I’ve some great news for you all and it is that the event is going ahead as planned. A date, time and place are all set and we are hoping to have an awesome 24 hours of social coding!

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Where is it then?

Unfortunately, the departmental staff are going to be away at GDC, Game Developers Conference, on the weekend of the event meaning that we couldn’t secure a place at the Fenner labs if we had enough people willing to attend.

We will instead be holding the event at Platform Studios in the city centre. This may cause issues with some not being able to attend and for that I do apologise, however I will let you know that it is only a 10 minute walk from the Paragon Interchange to Platform Studios so bringing a laptop and some gear won’t be too hard to actually get there.

You can find the exact location here:,-0.33094,17/title=Alfred%20Gelder%20Street

The event will be starting at 6pm on the evening and running until the next day. Due to the numbers in the Platform Studios office, we may have to cap the number of people attending if more decide they would like to join. Its open to Hull University students and ex-students only (with priority to the current students). So meet up with friends old and new and have a good time!

What do we have to do then?

The three main challenges are being taken straight from Imagine Cup as the idea of the event is to get you to understand what Imagine Cup is about and to get you to submit your ideas to it!

These are:

  • World Changing (Health, Education & Environment)
  • Innovation
  • Indie Game

We will also run three smaller challenges which will be:

  • Best use of Twilio
  • Best use of Windows Azure
  • Best User Experience

I will keep everyone up-to-speed on what each of these challenges entail throughout the week but you will have to pick on of the three main challenges and the smaller ones are optional!

No matter what it is that you are going to be coding away with your team or on your own, it will definitely fit into a category so you’re more than welcome to take part.

There will be prizes and these are yet to be confirmed but expect some nice things for those main three. Expect even nicer things if you submit your idea as an Imagine Cup project too with up to $50,000 if you win the World Finals in Seattle with a chance to meet with Bill Gates himself! Microsoft have kindly extended the UK finals to the 24th so we have plenty of time to get your submissions polished up.

Wait, you can earn more!

The UK AppChallenge

Download apps and get prizes!

The UK AppChallenge

Microsoft are currently running a UK AppChallenge for people to win awesome prizes if they download apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8! How is this great news for you though? Well you can submit your Windows Phone or Windows 8 hack entries into the mix once you have them published on the stores and due to the number of people downloading apps right now to win prizes, you could earn a pretty penny too. I’d consider it! You can find out more here: If you want more info on how to get your current apps into the challenge, send me an email and I will get you started!

DVLUP by Nokia


Nokia have been running this awesome rewards scheme for quite some time now and its a great way for you to start earning points to exchange for prizes! You release apps for Windows Phone, Nokia Asha or the new Nokia X devices based on challenges on the DVLUP website and you can earn yourself these points to get prizes such as:

  • MSDN Pro Subscription (Over 11 terabytes of Microsoft Products are available for download including Office, Dev Tools and more!)
  • Nokia Lumia devices including the 1020 41MP camera smartphone
  • Wireless Charging Speakers
  • Nokia Purity Headsets
  • Flying Lessons
  • App Design Consultations
  • Xbox Live Subscriptions

And there is a lot more available for you to get your hands on! Its a worthwhile investment and you can check that out here:

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