Mad March Hack: The Main Challenges

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It is coming up to Friday now and I thought it would be great to rundown what the criteria for the Mad March Hack challenges are.

World Changing

The World Changing challenge is quite simple really and one that has been adopted by the Imagine Cup competition since it started. The whole idea behind creating software solutions is to fix a problem or fill a gap. Well the World Changing challenge will require you to find a problem in the world on health, education or the environment and creating a solution that solves that problem!

If you enter your project into Imagine Cup for the World Citizenship Competition too, you may end up in Seattle with a possible $50,000 US dollars in your pocket.


The Innovation challenge is very broad and will require you to have some imagination and creativity. The biggest named apps on the marketplace have all sprouted from an idea that one or two people had (usually at college/university). Some names to throw around include Facebook, Snapchat, and Dodgeball which later became Foursquare. Just these few apps alone were developed by students while they were studying.

No matter what it is you’re thinking of putting together, whether it be a social network, music service, or photography app, just do it! You’ll regret it when you see someone else made it before you did.

Indie Game

Indie games are becoming ever more popular with the masses. While the AAA games are making the headlines, small time games are now becoming the “game changers” in the industry. Bright, fresh new ideas is something you have over AAA titles and you should use that imagination and creativity to make something awesome.

The only criteria we are looking for here is something that looks finished and ready for market. Concepts and feature creeps are not what we are looking for unless your game looks done. You may think it seems impossible but I can assure you it is not.

Keep your eyes on this space for the mini challenges!


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