Hull Uni Hackathon Coming Soon

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With the connections that I have at Microsoft, I have been quite busy trying to get a student hackathon up and running in Hull. It has been kept under wraps mainly because I haven’t even had the time to talk about it.


Could you please fill in this quick form/survey if you’re interested in taking part and will definitely be able to attend. We need some solid numbers so that we can get the space for the event! –

However, Microsoft are happy to help fund the event and we even have the backing of Platform Expos and the teams at Platform Studios who will be more than happy to help out with anything that is needed for the event which is great news!

Why set up a Hull Uni Hackathon?

As many of you know, the department hold a ‘Three Thing Game’ event twice a year meaning that you get all the gaming goodness but what about the software engineers and app developers that don’t get a chance? Well this is for you! Don’t think we are segregating those game developers though, you’re more than welcome to come and make a game too. This is an all-in event meaning that you’re all welcome! Developers, UX/UI designers, artists, project managers, creative visionaries. Literally anyone that has an interest in making an app, game or software can come along.

I see you’re promoting Microsoft there. Do I have to develop my app/game for a Microsoft platform?

Nope. This is open to everyone like I previously said. If you are an Android, iOS or any other platform developer, you’re more than welcome to join us.

How will you benefit from this?

You’ll get experience outside of your studies that you can put down on your CV. Perfect for your future employer. On top of that, there will definitely be prizes involved (yet to be decided upon).

Wait though. That isn’t it. If you feel passionate about your idea for the next killer app or game, we will help you in getting your project into the Imagine Cup competition which is now underway. You’re not too late to sign up and we will do anything we can to help you get in with a fighting chance to go Microsoft in Redmond, Seattle and possibly even take part in a meet & greet with Bill Gates! This means you will be in with a chance to get an all expenses trip to Seattle for the Imagine Cup finals where you and your team will compete against student teams from all over the world.

Don’t feel like you can do it? Think again. Many of Hull universities teams over the years have come top for the UK finals guaranteeing their trip to the finals. And you can do it too!

Do I have to be in a team?

No. Of course you don’t. We would definitely prefer that you did come as a team though! Everything is better when you have friends around and you’ll definitely get twice as much done in 24 hours with a team than you will by yourself. Trust me. I’ve tried it before!

This sounds awesome!? Why has this not been done before? Sign me up now!

The only things that are needed now is to agree on a time and place for the event and YOU! If you are genuinely interested in taking part, ping me an e-mail at with an appropriate subject header so I can recognise it.

If you want to get involved with actually helping out for the event, then send me an email too! I’m looking to recruit students to help out with an experience enough to be able to help other teams.

I will update everyone soon on a time and place but this is happening folks!

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