Sending your first Rando

Sending your first Rando

Try out a new way to share photos with users all over the world anonymously!

I’m always looking out for new and exciting apps through the new+rising feature in the Windows Phone marketplace when I discovered Rando. Looking through the description for the application, I was immediately interested.

While Rando still has the sharing aspect of some big named photo sharing apps like Instagram and Snapchat, it takes away the social side in that photos can’t be liked, shared or commented on. The application works anonymously so when you take a photo, it is then sent to someone in the world who uses the Rando application. Once you’ve sent a photo, you are then available to receive one back from anyone in the world.

All of the photos that you send and receive are displayed in this circular effect much like a peephole. All of the images that you take are then stored in this format into your Windows Phone photo camera roll. I can’t seem to find a way to save the photos that you receive but they are stored in the application through a timeline of Randos.

Rando Timeline

Rando Timeline

Some little features that are great in the application is that when you are on your timeline, you can tap on an image which will then flip over to show the location where the image was sent from! The application also uses push notifications to let you know when you have received a new Rando or when your Rando has been received by a user. If you also receive a Rando which you deem inappropriate you can report the sender and remove the picture by holding down on the Rando.

Rando reminds me of an activity my girlfriend, Hannah, takes part of. The process is very similar to the website Postcrossing where people from all around the world send postcards to each other. The anonymous sharing of the photos in Rando is the thing that makes this application stand out from all the other applications on the marketplace now. The idea is amazing and while the company, ustwo, may have released this application as experimental, I can see it taking off as one of the big photo sharing applications that so many love. The best part of it is that the developers have put the effort in to developing it for Windows Phone and even talked about their experience with Visual Studio and Expression Blend on their blog.

You can download Rando for Windows Phone, Android and iOS now!

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