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Learn to design and build unique, responsive apps for Microsoft's universal Windows platform


Microsoft MVP 2017

Awarded as a Microsoft MVP for a third year in Windows development!


Help To Code

Providing help and support through blogging & YouTube to aspiring coders with Microsoft technologies

James is a software developer and Microsoft MVP in Windows Development since 2015 with a keen interest in building unique applications for Windows.

His dedication to the platform is exposed to the wider community through open-source contributions, giving talks on UWP at local and international events, and helping others to solve their app development problems through StackOverflow and this blog.

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Have you got a developer question around Windows app development? Can’t find the answers elsewhere? Check out my blog which is full with a range of ‘how to’ tutorials for developing apps for Windows!

Can’t find your answer there? Get in touch with my through social media, email or through the contact form! I’ll answer your question and pop it up onto my blog for others to find too!

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Open-source contributions

Looking for a UWP project to contribute to? Want to see my publicly shared code? Check out my projects on GitHub including XPlat Windows APIs, a Xamarin toolkit for Windows, Android and iOS, WinUX App Toolkit, a core set of common features for developing Windows, Android and iOS apps, and more!

Feel free to contribute!

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Interested in the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition?

Are you interested in taking part in the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition? Want to know what it takes to get there?

Watch this presentation I gave to students on why you should be taking part! If you’re interested in learning more, send me an email or head over to the contact page.

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