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MVP Windows Platfom Development 2015

For contributions to the Windows platform development community, I've been recognized as a valuable professional to Microsoft

Developer Evangelism

Providing help and support through my blog to aspiring coders wanting to learn mobile app development with Microsoft technologies


Challenge the world to test their photography skills. Get out your phone and get snapping!


Planned as an Imagine Cup entry, PhysiHealth was developed as my dissertation project at the University of Hull and designed to aid patients undergoing physiotherapy at home using Microsoft Azure to provide real-time feedback to the user on their progress using data mining techniques.


Developing applications for Windows platforms is my speciality.

My passion for developing applications pushes me to constantly challenge myself to create innovative and robust solutions.

I also aim to encourage aspiring coders to get involved with app development as a Microsoft YouthSpark advocate and Microsoft MVP.

Latest Projects

Croft Core UWP

Croft.Core.UWP library

ActivPals Social Header


Picstra for Windows Phone


qBot Game


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Blog Q&A Series

Have you got a question around your app project that you’re stuck on? Can’t find the answers anywhere? Get in touch and I will answer your question in my Q&A developer blog series which looks at the ins-and-outs of Windows platform development on a variety of devices and technologies.

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Developer Videos

Online documentation and samples aren’t always enough to fully understand how to implement feature into your app projects. I publish video series for you that are narrated through the duration with support given in the comments section.

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Interested in the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition?

Are you interested in taking part in the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition? Want to know what it takes to get there? Watch this video of a presentation I gave to students on why you should be taking part! If you’re interested in learning more, send me an email or head over to the contact page.

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