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Getting Involved With Open Source Projects

Being passionate about software development and the power of the open-source community has allowed me to contribute to some incredible projects, improving my skills, as well as start some of my own. Take a look at the projects that I've worked on and actively contribute towards!

Making App Development Easier

Working with MADE.

MADE Apps are an open-source developer group which focus on making app development easier by providing developers with easy to use libraries for .NET platforms.

As part of my work with the group, I've been helping to flesh out the initial components for the MADE App Components libraries which aim to provide developers with a set of helpers, extensions and custom controls across Windows (UWP), Android, iOS and Xamarin.Forms.

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Getting You Started

Applying best patterns and practices with Windows Template Studio

Windows Template Studio (WTS) is a tool that allows developers to accelerate the creation and development of their UWP apps following best patterns and practices for working with the Windows APIs.

My contributions to this project had me involved in the initial kick-off of the project, providing ideas for features and contributing code to get the project up and running.

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